8 thoughts on “Pokerstars VR Roulette Strategy Ep 65: Catch Me Outside-Roulette Strategy! #roulettestrategy

  1. With 37 possible outcomes and 4 possible losses, we have an 89.2% chance of success.
    Of those 33 successes, we have 24 hedge wins and 9 jackpot wins.
    This means that on average we will lose 1/10 attempts, hedge win 6.5/10, and jackpot 2.5/10.
    So over the long term, your average hedge wins profit per 10 games is 6.5 units and your jackpot wins profit per 10 games will be 15 units and your expected losses is 29 units.

    On average, you lose 7.5 units per ten games and due to the grinding nature of the strategy, you will lose in the long run.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong

  2. ive watched 3 videos, i havent tried the strats yet but i am writing them down. i hope they are good. Good videos keep up the good work!

  3. How are the hedges earning his profit if he bets 290k and his winnings is 200k. Wouldn’t he lose 90k?

  4. i dont get it you betted 290k and got back 200k dont that mean you lost 90k

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