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Best Roulette Winning Strategy?

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Money Management: Super Martingale


1. Bet 1 unit on the first 7 numbers spun.
2. Repeat betting these 7 numbers until a number hits/ wins, then
3. When a hit occurs, assess your bankroll, if your bankroll is at an all time high for that session, reset and start at step 1 or end session. If bankroll is not at an all-time high for the session go to step 4
4. Betting: Start 1 unit then super martingale (or martingale) each number that hits (as you win) then go to step 2.

I forgot to mention, max bet per number is 15 units (however this may change)

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ROULETTE 68a BEST Roulette Strategy – Net Of Fire

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  1. So we gonna do the Roulette for a little while now??
    All I can do is cheer you on because I CANNOT help you win Roulette.
    I don't win it in over 5 years 😭

  2. 8:00 You are allowed to eat other things besides chicken. How about "Winner. Winner. Pizza for dinner" 🙂 I love this strategy. Great video. 20 back to back is awesome. I love it when it does that.

  3. I was going to make roulette content on my channel but decided not to because the house edge is higher in roulette. good luck and keep cashing brotha!

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