Roulette Strategy: 1/6 Roulette System with Fast $105 Win in 2 Minutes

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This is one of my favorite roulette strategy and i have been using this to create many more system from it. The fundamental is easy and make sense. It uses 1 bet unit to cover 6 spots, and if winning the amount won will be 6 times of initial amount.

Quick play with online casino’s roulette game. Using my 1/6 bet system with D’Alembert roulette play. The calculation is simple, play with logic.

My roulette winning already exceed $230,000 and by using this 6-number bet system as fundamental. This is the most efficient table bet position and its the most equal in all calculation. I choose this strategy for many reasons.

Why roulette inside bet is better? see this video here and you will know why the outside bet is the worst bet to place. Learn to know where to put your bet is the first step in winning casino game.

You might want to checkout my casino winning videos. This is mainly roulette game play and i love this game the most compare to any other table game, blackjack or slot game. Nothing else get my attention more than roulette gaming.

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Roulette Strategy: 1/6 Roulette System with Fast $105 Win in 2 Minutes

10 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy: 1/6 Roulette System with Fast $105 Win in 2 Minutes

  1. Charles, how do you recommend playing? every day different strategies playing after ten minutes?

  2. Quando ganha, não volta a aposta de 1? teve uma vez que você começou com 6 e outra com 2. Gosto muito da sua estratégia dos corners de 7:1

  3. by math this will not work , let's say if u loose 20 times , then you lost 20*21/2 = 210 , if u win on 21st time .. then u make only 126

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  6. If u start with 1$ after 20 spin u will lose 210 dollars and if u win on 21th spin u payed 231 dollars and get just 126$..if u continue with 12$ again after nine spin u will lose 127$ and if u win on 10th spin u payed 148$ and u just get 126 u lose 118 dollars..its a good strategy but not working all time..can u explain it???

  7. I tried this on the wizard of odds roulette , It busted . sorry to say, thought it looked good.

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