Roulette Strategy 100% Win Rate For Low Rollers.

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Roulette Strategy 100% Win Rate For Low Rollers. If you want to learn how to make GOAT LIFE CASH every single day, you can join my private ELITE Coaching Club here:


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Roulette Strategy 100% Win Rate For Low Rollers.

10 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy 100% Win Rate For Low Rollers.

  1. The one thing about Roulette that gets me so aggravated is when there are streaks of 18 or more on even money bets or dozens. The odds of that happening are unimaginable but I have seen it too many times on both live dealer spins and RNG spins. It makes you think that the games are rigged or under some type of control. No strategy is guaranteed to win every time. Play smart and good luck to everyone.

  2. I'have been able to lose my bankroll, can you make a video on how to win more often?

  3. Enjoying video everytime you uploaded!!Thank you so much🙏
    Can you do baccarat video too..
    Have a great evening!!

  4. Your video is so inspirational but seeing you bet 200+ to get 7 dollars is not worth it. You literally reached the last level to go bust. most of us don't have 200dollars just to get 7 dollars. Is there someone who could lend me the bankroll and since its 100% win rate, I promise I will return the bankroll in a week 😀

  5. Hey Chris, do you ever play roulette on any tables that aren't live? Was curious what you think between the two.

  6. Man you the truth I just used your low roller strategy with $25 and your site I’m up $100 in 10 minutes bro you the truth I was in Chicago grew up there earlier this year I went up 1700 around Labor Day in Chicago where I found your channel when I was down there man your strategy always work when I start winging I always lose anybody listening stick to his strategy I could have been up big tonight peace and blessings

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