10 thoughts on “Roulette strategy 2

  1. 18 numbers with martingale risky, maybe 15 or less numbers i would recommend. roulette over craps for me tho!

  2. Watch wheel for 15 minutes see #s hitting then play . Play 6 numbers like pie of wheel.

  3. I use to bet that way. It makes a pattern on the board. I had a few dealers recognize that pattern and they would know I was betting one side of the wheel. They were good enough to spin that ball so it would hit the opposite side every time. So I stopped using that system.

  4. Watch out for the dealers that look at the wheel before they spin the ball. They are not to look when they release the ball.

  5. Just wanna say i tried your 4/5 set and i can truly say you know what your talking about i wanna say thankyou bonethrower man

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