Roulette Strategy 2019 (Video14)

Roulette Strategy Video Information:

Keeping winning!

Bankroll better bring $1000

$0.5 1st Dozen
$0.5 2nd Dozen
$0.5 2nd Column
$0.5 3rd Column
$0.5 1-18
$0.5 Even
$0.5 Red

1)if lose increase $0.5 each.

2)if this time you win but the balance lowest then before, keep betting your same amount.

3)reset counter if the balance higher then before.

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Roulette Strategy 2019 (Video14)

2 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy 2019 (Video14)

  1. Can you tell me which numbers will be the most profitable in your strategy? You will lose all if 0 or 31 appears but there is a placement where you can cover all 36 numbers. Maybe you can do a video to see if the result is better. Good luck!

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