Roulette Strategy That Works – $50 Under 4 Minutes

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Are You Looking for a Roulette Strategy That Works?

In this video, we show you how you can use the FREE Roulette Tool provided by to replicate the roulette strategy that you have seen.

Even though, to replicate the Winning Roulette Strategy, you are not required to know the methodology behind the Roulette Strategy. It is always good and wise to know why a roulette strategy works.

So, let us explain why this simple roulette strategy will work.

1. this roulette strategy is all about increasing odds in your favor.
– In order to be a winner, you should not be looking to beat the odds.
Instead, you should be looking to ONLY increasing the odds in your favor.

2. We only bet on columns and dozens. Columns and Dozens are outside bets. As outside bets, the probability of winning is much higher. Also column and dozen bets offer the best risk/reward ratio. As such, we are only looking to place bet on a column or dozen during our roulette session.

3. We only place the bet under the best conditions. You can blindly place a bet on a Roulette table. However, if you are intending to win, then there should be some strategy, logic and conditions to place a bet. As in our case, we wait for 3 conditions.
1. A dozen should not appear for 7 times.
2. A dozen should appear for 4 times.
3. A dozen should appear for 3 times.
When all 3 conditions meet, we are ready to place a bet.
And, we will bet on the dozen which satisfies our 1st condition.

4. Though, we have chosen the best type of bet – column/dozen bet. Though, we have waited for the entirely perfect time to place a bet.
We might still lose in some bets in the 1st spin. When such a thing happens, we simply increase our bet size. Statistically, after each round our winning odds are actually MULTIPLIED. So, we need to take our multiplied winning chances and bet on the next spin as well. But, to cover our loss, we increase the bet amount to a slightly higher value from our initial 1st bet.

5. Take away the unnecessary human error away from the roulette strategy. No one is perfect. Though the roulette strategy is simple and effective. When the roulette table starts to give out 100s of numbers, you will definitely lose track of your winning numbers thus you will also lose track as to when to bet and how much to bet. This is where our free roulette tool will come in handy. It is an advanced roulette calculator which will track all the keyed roulette winning numbers and will only alert you to place a bet when there is a high probability of winning.

As you can see in the above video: We only took about 3 minutes and 52 seconds to win $50 using the Roulette Tool. If you had tried to repeat the roulette strategy without the help of a roulette tool, it could have taken you a longer time to win the $50. And, you might have missed out some winning patterns that the roulette tool was able to spot and alert you for.

Give the FREE Roulette Tool a try.

It is available for you at

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Roulette Strategy That Works – $50 Under 4 Minutes