Roulette Strategy the Works – Simple Permutation

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Roulette Strategy that works – simple permutation. This is the best roulette strategy ever and is considered the best roulette system. It is a winning roulette strategy that works and teaches you how to play roulette and win. Roulette strategy to win and is a roulette winning strategy. Best roulette strategy in the world and the greatest roulette strategy ever. Roulette casino or roulette online works with this winning roulette strategy.

Welcome to MAKESHIFT SHOWS YouTube Channel. WE SPECIALIZE in helping you win more money than ever. Be sure to Subscribe and ring that bell. We have Roulette strategies that win. I f you want to win at Baccarat or win at Craps links are below. Please remember that this channel only demonstrates bet strategies and there is nothing contained herein that constitutes a guarantee of winning. This YouTube channel maintains no responsibility of money lost while gambling with these strategies. this channel is for educational purposes only.

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Roulette Strategy the Works – Simple Permutation

5 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy the Works – Simple Permutation

  1. So on demo I followed your play with your. RRBB. And RBRRBB and the difference is one unit win on RBRRBB but of course it might be different.

  2. This permutation is similar to the Mafia one you did, which is also a very good strategy. The only down side I have ever found to this strategy is being on the wrong side of the colors as you were near the end of the video. I wouldn't go more than the $16 bet to win $1.

  3. Hi Randy 😁 I think over the past year I have watched all of your videos so I thought it’s about time I pass along what I have learned playing Roulette over the past 8 months or so. Martingale….forget it ever existed. It’s a big bankroll sucker all over trying to save your original bet. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread when I first started playing. I got really lucky with Marty in my first two weeks of playing. I even sent a decent amount back to my bank account, then reality hit. Lost my next two bankrolls using the gamblers logic “oh it’s going to hit on the next spin” thinking like that is gambling in the highest order. Yea I learned the hard way about how to set loss limits and walk away with at least 1/2 or better of your bankroll left. Fast forward to now I have to mention, don’t fall for the systems that cover sometimes all of the numbers on the board. They all no matter what need to have loss areas. The biggest problem is that the bets are high and the wins are very LOW. So low that even one loss will throw you down a hole that would take a pile of wins to get out of and I can guarantee you will have even more losses trying to recover from your 1st loss…Stay away from those systems!
    Next is staying from all of the 50/50 bets unless you have something that is working consistently for you. 50/50 is not as bad as Marty and the win on every spin systems but I avoid all outside betting. Just my opinion, it’s no longer for me. So what do I like? Tracking the spins and using a Live Dealer only! I could write a book on the RNG (random number generator) online real money roulette games. With the online legal casinos here In Pennsylvania you can go to a casinos web site and without signing in you can use free play or demo mode on any of there computer generated games. My experience is that computer roulette seems to “learn” where you don’t have your bets placed and keeps hitting on those spots the majority of the time. I’ll leave it there and get back to what I like. Playing just one dozen with a super sloooooooooow progression is where I am at right now along with learning about neighbor bets. The slowest progression I use I start out at a $2 bet and you can have 10 losses in a row and only be up to a $5 bet. Yes it works but it does require 2 to possibly 3 close together wins to be into profit then you either continue the progression or start over. Lots of options with slow progressions. You can use the 2 up on a loss and one back on a win system with these slow advancing systems. For a easy example just pick a dozen, start at 1 and advance just one each spin. If you have a few losses your next win won’t put you into profit but it usually clears up most of your built up loosing bets and sets you up for a win should you hit in the next couple of spins. When you are in profit you can go back to the beginning of the progression or simply keep playing. Just depends on your bankroll and if the wheel is treating you good or not in your session. That’s for 2 to 1 odds on any of the 12’s only. It does not work on 2 dozens.
    Sorry for such a long message but I felt I owed Randy all of this information that I learned the hard way with real $$ and a ton of simulator play. l have a lot more info on how to pick the dozen to bet on but I will save that for another day.
    Thanks Randy for you videos. I learn something from each one. You and just a couple others on this site are worth watching. Thanks 👏👍😁

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