Roulette strategy to win 100% success #casino #roulette #dozens #RouletteNation

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This one requires the following (in this video)

$40 dollars bank roll (maybe more if a few losses are incurred)

When you lose increase by 2 units

When you win decrease by 1 unit until you get back ro the original stake.

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Roulette strategy to win 100% success #casino #roulette #dozens #RouletteNation

5 thoughts on “Roulette strategy to win 100% success #casino #roulette #dozens #RouletteNation

  1. I love it ❤️👌💯✔️But no more than 10 minutes in play so that casino does not disconnect while playing I tell you from my experience with the same strategy☝️☝️ as you

  2. So this is your best system for a low bankroll. What kind of a bankroll would you have brought for this system?

  3. I use this 2 up 1 down system quite often. My only difference is that I don’t leave the bet on the same 2 dozens. I leave the empty dozen the one that hit twice in the last 2 out 3 spins.

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