Roulette Strategy With Game Changing Modification’s by Jim & Stanley

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How to win big money at the Casino playing Roulette with new strategies tested at 9am every day. Use Martingale, outside bets, straight up, streets, six lines, splits, with bankrolls to fit every budget. Subscribers are encouraged to share their ideas and The Roulette Master will share and test them in new videos. Messages are answered promptly and are encouraged. Please Subscribe!! Turn on notifications!! Share content!!

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Roulette Strategy With Game Changing Modification’s by Jim & Stanley

10 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy With Game Changing Modification’s by Jim & Stanley

  1. One more modification for this system. Take the 9-36 bet and split it between the 2nd and 3rd dozens. You win just as much but cover 6 additional numbers.

  2. If you were playing on a single zero $100 minimum table you could put $30 on the 19/22, 25/28, 31/34 and $15 on the 13/16 double streets instead of $300 as your base bet.

  3. I like the modifications. My only other suggestion would be to sometimes play 1st and 2nd dozens and 1-18, otherwise you can get killed on long low streaks. Personally, I like follow the winner but you could do it after a few wins on the higher numbers.

  4. Verry good 3 way
    single high roullet
    Tie + win same every long time
    Thank verry much
    @roullet master

  5. This is one of the great things about this channel. The free exchange of ideas on if people like a system or not and if not then how would you make it better. 👍🏼 Thumbs up to everyone who make this a great place to share and learn. 😁

  6. The system as shown in the video with $30 bet you are winning $20 on 6 streets and a wash on 2 for a winning area percentage of 47.36%. The same winning odds of a 50/50 bet but your win is less. Now if you combine the 3 bets and simply bet $15 on 2 – 12s your chance of winning jumps up to 63.15% because your win area has increased from 6 streets to 8. In that case you are betting $30 to win $15 but your chances of winning have increased. You could bet $30 to win $30 if you just bet on 19 to 36 but your odds of winning drop to 47.36%
    Here is a compromise to the above two betting scenarios that saves you $5.00 per bet and ups your win percentage….. Put $20.00 on 19 to 36 and $5 on the 13 and 16 double street. Your win on 19 to 36 would be $15 and your double street bet would win $5.00 for a total bet of $25. Thats a $5.00 drop in the bet from the system shown in the video. Best of all the the win % goes up to 63.157%. In the end the way the bets are placed in the video is flawed. Spend $5.00 less and go with the $15 on the 19-36 spot and $5.00 on the double street. Problem solved 😁

  7. Sounds Good…
    But what happens if you lose 6 spins in a row. You add 1 unit to each bet then you finally win on the 7th spin. What do you bet on the next spin? Do you go Down 1 or 2 units each or just re-bet????

  8. I would bet 10 on 3rd 12 and 19 to 36 and 5 on 19 to 24 double street. Reason is you bet less and it pays more. However 13 to 18 is a loss instead of push. I also stop at 100 for each session and stoploss of 250.

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