SAFEST roulette strategy = Small Bankroll!

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“Parachute” is one of the Safest roulette methods for conservative players. Some say it is the Best roulette System ever! It can provide a good win and many hours of roulette fun without big losses. And you can play with minimum bankroll. Because you DON’T increase your bets when you lose!

You go to the next bet in the following order:
• Even chance.
• Dozen/Column
• Double-street.
• Quad/Corner
• Street
• Split
• Single Number

Say we start by betting one chip on Low numbers (1-18).
If it doesn’t hit after 1 spin, we bet 1 chip on 1st Dozen (1-12).
If it doesn’t hit after 1 spin, we bet 1 chip on Double-street 7-12.
If it doesn’t win after 3 spins, we bet 1 chip on corner 7-11.
If it doesn’t come after 2 spins, we put 1 chip on Street 10-11-12.
If it doesn’t hit after 3 spins, we bet 1 chip on Split 10-11.

The concept is that without increasing our bet amount we increase the payout until we win.
If it doesn’t win after 5 spins, we put 1 chip Straight up on 11 for the next 18 spins.
If during all these spins we get a hit/win, then we are in profit and we start again.
I we don’t get a hit during these spins, we repeat the process, now by betting 2 chips instead of 1.

We describe and test the system on RNG roulette, but it is also very suitable for live online roulette games like Immersive, Netent etc.

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You can read more about various versions of this strategy here:,1259.0.html

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SAFEST roulette strategy = Small Bankroll!

10 thoughts on “SAFEST roulette strategy = Small Bankroll!

  1. I used to play the neg. progressive way. Target a number n moving inwards as i lose. 58 steps.
    Thks for sharing buddy

  2. If you don't get a hit after all these spins do you start again with 2 units, and then if not get a hit 3 units etc. I played pivot in a land casino with one unit I was winning but eventually I lost I just kept at the one unit

  3. You don't explain this well. In the description you only mention one chip. The profit part is unclear. It seems something worthy to know. Can you explain about the increasing for profit

  4. Thanks for posting man, but to be honest, I had difficulty following. Sorry to say that

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  6. Stupid RNG roulette its has no thing to do with real roulette wheel and ball and dealer. Your way is not safest because you do not play real mony using on it.

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