SPLITS online Roulette Strategy | BEST Roulette Strategy to WIN If you don’t make these Two MISTAKES

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SPLITS online Roulette Strategy | BEST Roulette Strategy to WIN If you don’t make these Two MISTAKES

10 thoughts on “SPLITS online Roulette Strategy | BEST Roulette Strategy to WIN If you don’t make these Two MISTAKES

  1. So I first must say I really enjoy your videos!! Thank you sharing your wisdom.
    Question: What system or strategy do you recommend if I’m starting with a 500$ bank roll but want to constantly make 200-300$ a day. What should I be focusing on to make this amount everyday?

  2. Tom all your knowledge is starting to get to me and i am going to stop martingaling more than 3 times. I have written down all your number combos you use in your videos and yesterday i had a good session on your wheel. I did bet the last number and all your combo's with that number and the second last number for the goback and the second number from the bottom for the top/bottom sandwich and last i bet all 5 of the hottest numbers. This is all your tips combined in 1 and it is actually a really good strategy. On the 20 spins that i played i only had a mis on 3 spins. This wheel loves hot numbers and repeats. Tom thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, you are the best!!!

  3. Observing and watching the previous 2 dealers before playing is just like studying the charts and finding your perfect trade set-up. It is the perfect principle to apply in Roulette, great work as always Tom!

  4. Do you have any videos on the 24 +8 strategy? Or the 150 ? Would love another romanovsky video? Did I see on your excel sheet that it was the most profitable on short sessions?

  5. MASTERFUL ! One day TOM, why don't you start a ROULETTE FUND and play for all your fans !

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