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The Street Pair Roulette Strategy is very safe & effective. It’s based on covering a total of six streets & uses a very smart bet selection to help make you some quick & decent profits. If you don’t fully understand everything after watching the video, Please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section, & I will be happy to assist you in any way that I can.

However, I must mention that roulette is a risky & unpredictable game, & should never be played with money that you CAN’T afford to lose. Always play responsibly.

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Street pair roulette strategy | Roulette Boss

10 thoughts on “Street pair roulette strategy | Roulette Boss

  1. Hey Guys, Just Checking In. Hope You All Are Well & Staying Safe. Take Care & Have A Good One.

  2. okay I'm still confused in your video you always go to spin 3 but then you say after two spins you increase your units by one and do not spin the third time please clarify…keep making videos you're awesome

  3. Hi very interesting Channel…. great 👍👍 i have a question….Is It possible play the opposite Number also in the wheell? For example …5 Is opposite 32 …play with 32 15 19 or double street 32 2….,or example 8as per 35…with street 26 35 or double street 26 7….in Europea n roulette….thks for attention …

  4. hey bro i like your videos but it is my finding that these straight forward strategies get you into trouble when you decide playing real money .fun mode is very different .i did an experiment on this exact roulette platform and after recording 74 spins in fun mode and analyzing them i found out that there were 36 red 35 black,35 high 36 low 36 odd and 35 even in that 64 spins with 3 zeros which go to show that there are forces working beyond our control ,and i also did a count analyzing around 150 live casino spins and at this time reds was leading black by around 27 spins while the odd ,even high ,and low were closely balance. so guys please don't practice in fun mode then go play for real money. You need to observe real spins and study real spins to even have a chance surviving this game .i once took $ 5,000.00 in fun mode and made around
    $ 150,000,000.00 .lol believe me its alot different,take care bless.

  5. guys let me give you a strategy to try ,don't knock it before you try it ok ,it the best random strategy in my attack of the casino and i have played this with good success .take a dice which has six side , assign let say 1 =red ,2=black 3= odd ,4=even 5= high and 6 =low .its simple to play just roll the dice and see what number shows up ,let say it lands on five (5 =high) you put a 1 unit bet on high ,if you win just roll again and say it land on 2 ( 2=Black ) repeat at first level bet ( 1unit)but now you will bet on black if you loose go to your next progression in this case it will be ( 1unit ) again and any time you loose you go up the progression by one step and if you win you go back 2steps ,its powerful guys and the casino can never know what you are going to play next even if they record your spins or chase you ,play this for an hour then take a rest then play again later for another hour.
    progressions are as follows 1,,1,,2,,2,,4,,4,,8,,8,,16,,16,,32,,32,,64,,64,,127,,127,,the more progression you can afford the better your bankroll is protected and the less risky this system is .bless

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