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Welcome to the best guide to win at roulette. Roulette is the queen of games. It is the most famous and attractive game of the glamorous world of casinos. The main objective of this channel is to show various strategies developed by some players who devoted a large part of their lives to find the most effective way to beat roulette, and get a regular and safe salary from them.

In THE ROULETTE FEVER you will know some of the most powerful systems in the world to keep the advantage of roulette to a minimum.

Bet strategically and end your bad luck forever!

Very good luck and do not miss the next tutorial.

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SYSTEM 1,2,3 | Smarter Roulette Strategy | THE GOLDEN WHEEL

2 thoughts on “SYSTEM 1,2,3 | Smarter Roulette Strategy | THE GOLDEN WHEEL

  1. Roulette strategy: Random vs. Random (coin flip strategy)
    Thr r thousands of statergies but everyone's opinion is different..some agree some not..but let's agree on one thing guys
    Roulette is a game of randomness
    So let's beat it with Randomness.

    Things needed before session:
    Ok let's start.
    First write
    1     1    
    2      2
    3      3
    1      1
    2      2
    3      3
    (1 stand for 1st dozen/2 stand for 2nd dozen /3 stand for 3rd dozen)
    Each 1 2 3 is a set . So make 50 or more sets.
    Done writing 50 or more sets of 123?
    Now put the coin out.
    For each set flip the coin 3 times.
    (One set means one round of roulette spin)
    Coin will decide which dozen u play in each round.
    1st coin flip : head came
    2nd coin flip: head came
    3rd coin flip: tail came
    So that means play 2nd dozen on first round for that tick mark no 2 on notebook in first 123 set.
    This u have to repeat for all fifty sets u have written. 3 coin flip for one decision.
    Ok let me explain :
    On the coin "heads" is our decision maker.
    In 3 coin flips if head came 1 time tht mean 1st dozen. If head came 2 times that means 2nd dozen. And if head came 3 times that means 3rd dozen.
    Only one exception if tail came 3 times in coin flip..that means 3rd dozen as well.
    So this goes as below mentioned:
    Head 1 time = 1st dozen
    Head 2 times= 2nd dozen
    Head 3 times = 3rd dozen
    And last tail 3 times = 3rd dozen.
    So flip coin 3 times for each set of 123 and tick the number according to the coin flip result. Do this for all 50 sets of 123.
    After completing this u are ready for the session.
    Now open any roulette table or evolution auto roulette.
    And start betting According to the note u make.
    Look notebook
    For example on first 123 set tick mark is on 3 ..u place a bet on 3rd dozen
    After that spin complete see for the next number ticked in ur next set..and play so on for 50 spins..
    Ok now the bankroll management part:
    Start with 1 chip and keep on adding 1 more chip upon loosing
    And on every win remove 2 chip.
    But play according to the set for 50 spins.
    Guys I know u all thinking is this strategy will work or not..but believe me guys THIS WORKS..just give it a try..
    For each session u have to make new set ..don't play used set for new session..
    Set a target for the day..and earn consistent.
    At me..
    I starts with 3000 bankroll and my target is 1000 profit ..per day..
    My one chip is INR 10
    Please update me about this strategy if it works for u ?
    And for more roulette strategy pls contact me..I will teach u some mind boggling tricks that u can't find on YouTube.. that's for sure…thanks

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