10 thoughts on “The 10,000 Spin Test – The Squeeze Attack Roulette Strategy

  1. I’m a little confused by the results graph, would it be more like the second results graph you showed, more of a whipsaw trend as you’ll be having lots of losses whilst waiting for the 5 in a row. ???

  2. Ya the kewlest thing that people love is a live dealer real money stream but I think a real money RNG would be just as good and obviously the spins are far more rapid, making it much easier to play. Just make 25 units?

  3. I guess I don't understand your strategy.
    There is a big difference between money management technique and actually when strategy…. red black… dozens sequence…. wheel bias sector play.
    So I guess what I am asking is some insight as to the wheel strategy. What determined your position choices. Not so much the money management method which I guess was a perili at 5 iterations.
    Thank's. Appreciate all your hard work.

  4. Looks great but I am sure we would all love a more complete understanding of the exact strategy. Just saying it’s based on the parole system isn’t enough to go on. Can you be more specific or as you suggest, a live demo please.

  5. I would try it on random numbers and then reload the chart a 100 times and document the results and take the average so you have real tangible results.

  6. You system relies on hitting 4 12 bets in a row? Have you looked at the groupings of your 10K spins to see if each twelve is about even after that many spins. I don't see how 31.5% chance event is going to hit 4 in a row enough to cover all the times that it does not – regardless of streaks. I've often wondered if the true randomness of my simulator is actually not very representative of a live wheel.

  7. Great video once again. I'm sure you're already aware but to anyone reading this I recommend if you're wanting to using live money with online gambling, DO NOT use any website like Stake, they're based in jurisdictions with lax gambling laws so there's no way of proving their machines aren't rigged. Ideally use one based in the UK/US, but Gibraltar is also okay too (Many run offices out of there, even Microsoft).

  8. He explains the bet strategy,but not the play strategy except that bets were made on the dozens…..I’d like to know what the play strategy is…..Do you just pick out a dozen and then sit and bet on the same dozen time after time ??? Or do you follow the dozens that just hit or what???

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