WIN 5 Lose 1 Roulette Strategy! (TESTED and APPROVED)

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Pretty effective roulette system, that works wonderfully at both online roulette and live dealer games at the casino. Each won Mongoose progression wins you five (5) chips and each lost progression loses you only one (1). It is not without its drawbacks, but it is considered one of the most successful roulette systems.

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WIN 5 Lose 1 Roulette Strategy! (TESTED and APPROVED)

10 thoughts on “WIN 5 Lose 1 Roulette Strategy! (TESTED and APPROVED)

  1. hi,

    i downloaded the spreadsheet, however when i input W or L it does not predict my next bet(it only shows my current profit but it does not show the next bet).
    kindly check and reupload the file/s, maybe there's an error in the formula.

    hoping for your speedy feedback,hehe


  2. Great i like your vdo. I liked your camel vdo also.this is fine too. Please give me one dozen play list.

  3. I tested this on a real roulette wheel while its a good grind system. it works when it does but if your down 5 already its tough to get caught back up. I was able to manage to make profit the only way I was able to do that was study the wheel for about 30 minutes and look at what trends the wheel was giving me tonight. I watched my casinos wheel for 30 minutes and I noticed tonight reds was the trend for that 30 minutes was 4-5 reds 1-2 blacks so I waited after every 3rd black in a row to show up than I started mongoose and it did well. I left for a while a hour or so and came back the the trend was the same. I've studied my casino wheel for months and noticed the even bet for some reason is good on that wheel. so I watch 30-40 minutes usually leave eat comeback and see if the trend it still the same if it is I start playing. for the past year I have won way more than I lost just by waiting and watching how the wheel plays I go in for short play win around $50/60 pull out for 30 minutes chill walk around get the free drinks watch and see if there is a change. if not ill go in for another 50/60 bucks i do this 4 times 80% of the time i win 150 and walk out. some nights are higher than others ialways make sure the wheel is playing the way I want it to play before I play. if its to random and a hour later its still to randoms I leave. if im putting my money into the machine to me the time is worth it. 1 to 2 hours of my time for a possuble $100/200 bones adds up. its not perfect ive lost ive had couple bad weeks but ive had way more good than bads. love your channel

  4. I am a coder and student of mathematics , I love combinatorics and probability , I dont play roulette but love to study it as a random science . I found this kinda strategy is great and can give you a profit on long run if you are mechanical and disciplined enough and can manage the bank roll well.

    I found use min bet , max bet strategy . on streaks , If you win bet max , if you loose bet min . It may requires huge bank roll etc ( although I have never tried it with real money ). I dont gamble but statistically in the long run these kinda strategies are profitable if you have heart of steel and can dare to play so . Reason is simple when you are on winning streak you win big when you are on loosing streak you loose less . I have tested that using both binomial and poisons distribution .and verified so far .

    I am still working on that but it is surely optimistic .

    But this mongoose seems promising but analysis looks quite a narrow .

    You need to run a simulation with thousands of random outcome . (with real random series ) and need to segregate the results based on how many step1 , step2 … .step7 occurs and also need to calculate the winning and losing streaks based on that we should do the calculations , also we need to compare it whether the distribution matches binomial and poisons distribution . repeat the experiment and calculations at least 20-30 time and compare the result.

    My experience after doing this kinda calculation on similar strategies. Its tough game but can be positive . we gotta verify every aspect . bankroll management and choosing right betting is also important .

    However i dont gamble . Gambling requires heart of steel and patience . Till now I dont have that .

    But as a student of mathematics I can say you are on right path , but you need to do more and more mathematical analysis from all aspects . I will surely study this mongoose plan , It would require at least 2 months then i will post my detailed analysis on it .

    I am sure It will be profitable but still we need to verify it from all aspects .

    Again fair warning : In a game of random series , you can not win everyday , Period . You will surely have very good and very bad , somewhat good , somewhat bad , no loss , no profit days . That's random , That's the definition of random . So if you want positive outcomes come up with long term plan something like playing 50000 wheels , If it matches the plan then you can go ahead.

    My 2 cents to add on this strategy to make it more positively , Use 3 series of this bet at the same time . [ (red and black) , (first half and second half) , (even and odd) ] , you will get winning streaks streaks more often hence your profit intervals will come more often and work on better bankroll management . (you will have some very bad loss intervals too but very rare.)

    Finally , I would say that i will do the in depth statistical study of it and will post my analysis .

    Even though I dont recommend gambling unless i will play with real money and win real money .

  5. How big bankroll do we require for this system? Because I am really interested in to try it out 😀

  6. Roulette is the biggest scam even at live games they will cheat you theyhave plants that will distract you move your bets dealers that will steal your chips and different balls for all betting combinations after they learn your strategy they will adjust to defeat it some how. Just stay away. I brought a good strategy and they put up the opposite of me red black for roll after roll with out ever getting a combo of a color more than twice after ten minutes the only way you can win is by moving your just before no more bets.

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