9 thoughts on “Winning Roulette Strategy “Bulletproof Method”

  1. I’m the roulette and poker master u are ok doing this then do it brother shouldn’t be showing everyone tho

  2. And when u go to the casino they can computerise the numbers they have magnetised ball switchers as well I’ve seen the ball land in 32 and then jump to 21 and the ball was in 32 laws of physics there is no way it could jump out other than ball switching look at YouTube (why u don’t win at roulette) us see what I mean good luck tho

  3. Why do people who know nothing about roulette give bad tips like this I bet he's broke already poor bastard

  4. Abhorrent camera angle, no concise explanation of your strategy, murky audio, and low energy voice, I did fall into a decent nap after my attempt to watch your appalling bulletproof demonstration.

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