10 (Surprising!) Tips for Roulette

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0:15 Stop Loss
1:11 Risk Taking
2:05 The Long Run
2:26 Mathematics
3:54 100% Win System
5:33 Randomness
6:15 Roulette Memory
7:05 Mentality
8:25 Unpredictability
8:50 System evaluation
9:08 Why we Lose
11:25 Discipline and Improvisation

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10 (Surprising!) Tips for Roulette

4 thoughts on “10 (Surprising!) Tips for Roulette

  1. Some good points there. But those are spokesman from fiverr right? haha i recognize quite a few of them.

  2. every one got different idea lol but sometimes if I go next day to casino it's work but the problem u have to know when stop and come back again

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