5 Tips to be a Smarter Roulette Player

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Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide book, gives five tips to help you be a smarter roulette player. Steve gives each initial tip and then follows up with a further discussion of that tip and its relationship to the game of roulette.

Here are the topics discussed in the video and their time codes.

0:00 Introduction
0:21 Always remember that roulette is a game of luck
1:09 Understand that roulette is not a 50/50 game
1:48 The more zeros on a roulette wheel the higher the casino’s mathematical advantage.
2:48 Never continue to double your bets after a loss
3:54 Nothing is ever due to hit on a roulette wheel

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5 Tips to be a Smarter Roulette Player

10 thoughts on “5 Tips to be a Smarter Roulette Player

  1. I noticed that you did not list Crpas as a skill game which it most definitely is.

  2. So the odds of heads and tails is 50/50 but the odds of flipping heads 10 times in a row are alot lower… 🤔

  3. Hi I have a doubt in rolette game is there any scam or are they trace people who plays in lnd bSed rolette?

  4. Suppose a really good sports handicapper has a 55 percent win rate over ten years. But he has went on a winning streak in the last week, and won 90 percent of his picks. Regression to the mean, tells us that he is not likely to continue at 90 percent, and will soon rack up losses to bring his winning percentage down toward his long term 55 percent win rate. This Regression to the mean theory makes sense to everyone in that example….So if Black has flipped 7 times in a row, it seems a bet on red, until it hits, over the next seven bets, is not an unreasonable bet. And likewise, despite the correct probability numbers you gave in independent events, it would seem strangely reckless, to commit to betting seven blacks in a row, until one hits, if you have just seen seven blacks hit in a row…because of a reasonable expectation, if admittedly not mathematically quantifiable, that there will begin to be a regression back to the mean, with at least one red showing up in the next seven spins…Just like with that hot sports handicapper. It may not overcome the overall house advantage, but there has to be some small extra edge in betting the opposite of where that coin has unusually flipped 7 times in a row, than betting with where that coin has just flipped 7 times in a row. In the case of the coin, there should be a reasonable expectation of the beginning of a regression to the mean, over the next 7 flips.

  5. If you see that, in a single zero good roulette wheel, that Green has not come up in 100 spins, it would not be unreasonable, based on regression to the mean expectation, to commit to betting a Dollar on Green for the next 35 Spins, or until the first zero appears. The odds tell us you are still likely to lose that 35 Dollars, but with Green absent for so long, it is a good time to try to beat the odds, and land a quick green and profit in the next 34 Spins. Not sure if regression to the mean has enough fire power, to overcome the entire 2.7 percent advantage, but I bet it gets the average casual weekend roulette player a lot closer to breaking even, than if his strategy was to only bet Green 34 times in a row, after the unusual event of 3 Greens appearing in a row, had just happened. That glutton for punishment, might still win his green bet, but, an unusually high amount of the time, he will lose 34 green bets in a row, if green had just appeared 3 times in a row, on that single zero wheel.

  6. I’ve seen double zero come up 8 times in a row , then a couple other random numbers then double zero twice more- then they immediately closed the table- Reno Silver Club Casino- did there table malfunction? Why would they close the table?

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