Best Online Roulette TRICK for 2021 | the Best Roulette Strategy to Win | Online Roulette Strategy

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Best Online Roulette TRICK for 2021 | the Best Roulette Strategy to Win | Online Roulette Strategy

10 thoughts on “Best Online Roulette TRICK for 2021 | the Best Roulette Strategy to Win | Online Roulette Strategy

  1. Good Morning to Mr.Etomino Roulette.

    First I want to congratulate you for your roulette workout I followed since months. You have a special way to interpret why roulette behaves in a way that tends to patterns, trends and sequences.
    Finally, you have discovered a very important last thing – THE ROULETTE MATRIX.
    This complete system is nothing else as the product why numbers came out of the wheel in certain sequences. And we all want to know why these numbers appeared in a certain sequence.
    It´s like Neo in Matrix I,II and III who discovered a reality behind the superficial area people are living within.It was the logic behind the logic.
    So, first: Roulette is nothing else as logic as well but not only 0 and 1 like yes and no in a binary system. It is more. It is 0 to 9 because all other numbers are products of 0 to 9. So 14 is 5, 27 is 9, 33 is 6. Knowing that it will be easier to encrypt the ROULETTE MATRIX.
    So, second: Realizing that you will be able to find patterns and sequences of numbers a lot easier to ask yourself the questions again WHY a number appeared and WHEN it´s the right time to bet with profit. Believe me that you will find the answers of installing a balance of dominance of numbers (HOT) and minority of numbers(COLD). Roulette Matrix behaves like natures behaves.EVERTHING WILL BALANCE OUT on certain point of time.
    So, third: When you know The WHY and The WHEN the last question is about HOW to work on on roulette table. Therefore, use your scripts, your notes, all you have collected since maybe years and you will discover great patterns, rhythms and terms. You think in a logic way because roulette is logic and not RANDOM as it seems to be for a roulette beginner.
    I´m curious about how you know will interact in future, Tom…It´s worth to try.
    PS: Since years I´m having a wonderful life using this specific knowledge and take money out of casino without getting suspecious.

    Best regards
    Christian from Germany.

  2. What is the maximum time u have seen the last hit of same number doesnt match like you shown us number ( 3 ) which was not hit for 3 times. What is the maximum unhit sequance have u seen ??

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