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How to win big money at the Casino playing Roulette with new strategies tested at 8am every day. Use Martingale, outside bets, straight up, streets, six lines, splits, with bankrolls to fit every budget. Subscribers are encouraged to share their ideas and The Roulette Master will share and test them in new videos. Messages are answered promptly and are encouraged. Please bet responsibly and always practice new systems on roulette royale or another app before you risk your own money playing.

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  1. Could get expensive chasing the one column or dozen… I would use the progression 5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45
    Great content RM , you're one of the best ! Happy New Year from down under ! 🎉🎇

  2. Hey I’m Chris from carnival liberty sharing a strategy. You can play two ways 1 Place 9 units on red split the 8,11 17,20 26,29 10,13 and 28,31 then play. The second method is to ply 8 on red and 2 on even and split the blacks as before. It was really nice meeting you and your family

  3. ALL MUST READ THIS!! Any system he plays wins. Reason being he is starting with over 250K Units !!
    He is not playing with real U.S currency. As long as you have that many units to back up all your losses, you will not lose.
    This system will eventually fail when you play with a realistic starting amount. Secondly, I do not like this system because as others have said, you can wait for many many spins before a row comes up. Martingale system can get very very expensive.

  4. How come in all these videos you manage to win? It's not possible I think it's a little bit on the rigged side, Where you keep taping videos until you win. Just once, I want to see you lose or say you lost in a casino.

  5. This looks like a fun one. though it'll be a bit hard to stay on track in live casino play. do you have any videos on neighbor numbers betting system? Thank you!

  6. As we know a column or dozen can sleep for 15+ spins sometimes. Is it best to take a profit if 3 of the 4 bets hits? Then start again. Maybe it's an option that stops chasing that illusive dozen or column

  7. I walked inside a casino for the very first time 30 years ago. It was Harrah's in Atlantic City. I was so attracted to the atmosphere! The roulette wheel was fascinating and magical to me. Last night, I played at MGM National Harbor, just outside of Washington, DC. I've been playing at the casino almost nightly for more than 5 years. I'm still in love with that irresistible red, black and green spinning wheel. 💲💲💲💲

  8. I really like this system a lot. I did modify it a bit. What I do is after the dozens of columns close out, I restart them with the first 5. It works great! The only issue is when you run into a stubborn dozens or columns that don't hit especially since you double each time. At 1280 it gets worrisome. Overall a great system!

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