Clash of Clans | Top 200 Roulette – Episode 6 – WRECKED

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Tyrael Gaming is Clash of Clans Strategy and Clash of Clans Gameplay | CoC Champion’s League Raiding and Farming | Clash Max Level Base and Attacking | Clash of Clans Base Builds and Guides | Tips and Tricks | Troop Testing and High level Clan Wars

Top 200 Roulette: A new Clash of Clans series where I push from below 3400 trophies to top 200 in the world using ONLY troops chosen by a home-made troop spinner. 3 spins, 3 troops, 1 raid…can I make it(#PrayForNoGoblins)

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Clash of Clans in a massive multiplayer online strategy game played on mobile devices, either iOS or android. You train troops to battle other players wether it be for trophies, for loot, or for Clan Wars. You can dominate on the ground, with troops such as the P.E.K.K.A., Golem, Wizard, or Witch. If that isn’t your style you can rain death from above with flying units such as the Dragon, the Balloon, the Lavahound, or the Minions. Goblins can seek out gold and elixir while Giants, Golems and Hogs target the enemy defenses. You can be ranked in Leagues(based on trophy value[Gained through succesful attacks and defenses]) and gain an increasing loot bonus as you rank up. Or you can stay low and farm easier bases for loot to upgrade yourself to the maximum. You also have the option to use the ‘Freemium’ aspect of the game to buy gems to max out your village. You must yourself defend against other players with well upgraded defenses and clever powerful base designs. The options are near limitless.

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Clash of Clans | Top 200 Roulette – Episode 6 – WRECKED

10 thoughts on “Clash of Clans | Top 200 Roulette – Episode 6 – WRECKED

  1. Try to put a little bit more idk like zoom in a bit video is a bit boring

  2. This series proves that you are one of the most talented clash youtubers around! others push with the standard gowipe and that's it, but you do random troop compositions!

  3. @Tyrael Gaming | Clash of Clans, WoW, Diablo, More!  That random bag of doritos on the right @ 7:01  ;))))

  4. Seriously tyrael ur previous videos were good.This new series is damn booring.I mean what are u trying to show.That u can attack with every troops combination.Thats what we dnt want.You can use any combo u want.Just get to the top 200 .I think that should be your goal.

  5. i repeat can someone please tell me what is the music in the video begining??

  6. Hey. I just opened the clan Great Fate. It is the only one with that name. If anyone would like to join please do also Tyrael could u tell people about my clan please? Clan hashtag is #8CGPUL22

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