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  3. Roulette strategy: Random vs. Random (coin flip strategy)
    Things needed before session:
    Ok let's start.
    First write
    1 1
    2 2
    3 3
    1 1
    2 2
    3 3
    (1 stand for 1st dozen/2 stand for 2nd dozen /3 stand for 3rd dozen)
    Each 1 2 3 is a set . So make 50 or more sets.
    Done writing 50 or more sets of 123?
    Now put the coin out.
    For each set flip the coin 3 times.
    (One set means one round of roulette spin)
    Coin will decide which dozen u play in each round.
    1st coin flip : head came
    2nd coin flip: head came
    3rd coin flip: tail came
    So that means play 2nd dozen on first round for that tick mark no 2 on notebook in first 123 set.
    This u have to repeat for all fifty sets u have written. 3 coin flip for one decision.
    Ok let me explain :
    On the coin "heads" is our decision maker.
    In 3 coin flips if head came 1 time tht mean 1st dozen. If head came 2 times that means 2nd dozen. And if head came 3 times that means 3rd dozen.
    Only one exception if tail came 3 times in coin flip..that means 3rd dozen as well.
    So this goes as below mentioned:
    Head 1 time = 1st dozen
    Head 2 times= 2nd dozen
    Head 3 times = 3rd dozen
    And last tail 3 times = 3rd dozen.
    So flip coin 3 times for each set of 123 and tick the number according to the coin flip result. Do this for all 50 sets of 123.
    After completing this u are ready for the session.
    Now open any roulette table or evolution auto roulette.
    And start betting According to the note u make.
    Look notebook
    For example on first 123 set tick mark is on 3 ..u place a bet on 3rd dozen
    After that spin complete see for the next number ticked in ur next set..and play so on for 50 spins..
    Ok now the bankroll management part:
    Start with 1 chip and keep on adding 1 more chip upon loosing
    And on every win remove 2 chip.
    But play according to the set for 50 spins.
    Guys I know u all thinking is this strategy will work or not..but believe me guys THIS WORKS..just give it a try..
    For each session u have to make new set ..don't play used set for new session..
    Set a target for the day..and earn consistent.
    At me..
    I starts with 3000 bankroll and my target is 1000 profit ..per day..
    My one chip is INR 10
    Please update me about this strategy if it works for u ?

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