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The even chance roulette strategy Is based on covering even chance bets…(1-18, 19-36, even, odd, red & black) This system is one of the most powerful strategies to use when playing the game of roulette. Its requires an extremely small bankroll, & uses a very smart & effective betting progression, making it one of the best systems to help you make easy & decent profits. There is also a part 2 to this system where you can make your profits even faster while using a slightly more aggressive method. You can find the link to the even chance part 2 down below. Either one of the system greatly increases your chances of winning every time you play. If there is anything you still don’t fully understand after watching the videos, Please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section & I will be happy to assist you in any way that I can.

Even chance roulette strategy part 2 link

However, I must mention that roulette is a risky & unpredictable game, & should never be played with money that you CAN’T afford to lose. Always Play Responsibly.

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Even chance roulette strategy | Roulette Boss

10 thoughts on “Even chance roulette strategy | Roulette Boss

  1. Dont understand YET. But I'll watch again till I understand it.
    TY for all ur vids.

  2. Hey Guys, So the way this strategy works is very simple. You are betting on the even chance bets/outside bets. The way the progression works, you start by betting 1 unit on your selected outside bet. Now you are gonna be playing for 2 wins out of 3 spins. Example #1. You bet 1 unit, & you have a win on your first spin, you are now in 1 unit profit, so you restart the entire progression. Example#2 You bet 1 unit, you lose on spin #1, you then rebet using 1 unit again on spin #2, you have a win on spin #2, you are now breaking even, so you restart the entire progression from the beginning. Example#3: you bet 1 unit, you lose spin #1, you rebet 1 unit, you lose on spin #2. When you lose both spins, you increase your bet by 1 unit & you try to get 2 wins out of 3 spins. If you lose 2 spins while betting with 2 units, you then increase by 1 unit & try to get 2 wins out of 3 spins using 3 units as your base bet etc. If you have 2 wins out of 3 spins, but you are not breaking even or in profit, you minus 1 unit from what ever your current bet is & continue trying to get 2 wins out of 3 spins. If at anytime you are breaking even, or in profit, you restart the entire progression from the beginning. Your profit target per session is 5 units. When you have made 5 units profit, you take a break of 5 to 10 minutes, then return for another session & try to profit 5 units again. This strategy requires a low bankroll, but a lot of patience. I hope this was helpful, & I hope you guys enjoy this strategy, as it is very simple, yet powerful. Have a good one guys & always play responsibly.

  3. Very interesting strategies..u shared?
    Q: what benefits u get by sharing to others?
    Most of them want u to buy their software or some thing…

  4. he pays from the casinos themselves!!! Believe me!!!!!! Don't play
    online casino!!!!!!!! You ALWAYS LOSE!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!! Stay far away
    from it!

  5. do you ever put a stop loss in or just start with 60 units and if you run really bad lose the whole bankroll? thanks in advance..

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