Goa Casino | Roulette Dozen Strategy ♦️♣️♥️♠️🎲

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I am uploading these kind of videos to define the Casino, Gambling and Roulette to my viewers.

I would like to increase knowledge about gambling life, and I would also like to try, if possible, to motivate people to leave the gambling.

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Goa Casino | Roulette Dozen Strategy ♦️♣️♥️♠️🎲

10 thoughts on “Goa Casino | Roulette Dozen Strategy ♦️♣️♥️♠️🎲

  1. Roulette का प्रिंटेड चार्ट पर समझाते तो अच्छा होता और ये कोलम क्या है शर्मा जी 🙏

  2. All Indian bhai online casino mat khelna .Online casino me cheating hoti hai. Agar khelna hai tu Goa Jao ya aur kahi jao. Nahi tu sarey paise haar jayogey. Yakin nahi hai tu Online roulette scam ke naam se youtube par video dekhlo. 200% cheating hai online casino me.

  3. Log online casino me 30 se 50 lac tak har jatey hai. Kyunki woh cheating karta hai.

  4. You know why you should never play dozens ? Simply because they are not neighbours on the wheel . Choose a section of 12 neighbour numbers that didn't came out for a while and play them .You'll have more chance to hit . In dozens numbers are spread out in the wheel and there are numeroud number of gappers beetween them which basically Comes to a game of pure Luck. To cut this variance and have more chance to hit , you should cut thé wheel into 3 separate sections With 12 neighbour numbers and wait for the cold one ( section ) . More efficient and far more interesting to play than putting chips randomly on thé roulette table . Great video BTW sir but the strategy is not efficient in the long run . I am a professional roulette player 👍 . Have a nice day and good Luck at the tables 👍

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