Goobies – Tips on how to unlock the Blob Roulette Achievement and Artifact!

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In order to unlock the Blob Roulette Achievement and Artifact, you need to trigger the roulette wheel 50 times in a single run. When equipped, the Artifact gives you a x-0.05 point bonus, but will replace all item drops with roulette wheels! Pretty interesting when used in a run, as you can get multiple item level ups instead of a single one when an item drops.

Since it WILL take a while to kill 50 mini-bosses and bosses, and the enemies grow stronger as time goes by, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for this (my run was just over an hour and a half long).

First off, the obvious thing that will really help is investing points into permanent upgrades. At the time of making this video, I had everything maxed out, but it is doable without waiting that long. Just hold off until you are ready to attempt this, as it can be a lengthy process, and dying just before getting 50 to appear would suck.

Aside from the permanent upgrades, there are some Artifacts that will really help:

Blobbath – No video for this one as it is straightforward. Kill a total of 100,000 Blobs. This makes it so only Blobs spawn, which will be very helpful since you won’t have to worry about armored or fast enemies. Trust me, you want this Artifact for this if you want to make it much, much easier!

Wrath of the Elder – This is unlocked by killing a mini-boss within 5 seconds of it spawning. When equipped, it grants you a x0.1 point bonus, and causes more mini-bosses to spawn. This is CRUCIAL, as more chances at a mini-boss appearing will get you to 50 much quicker. Follow this guide to unlock it!

Besides those two, there are two other Artifacts that can help, but add a layer of difficulty, and may even get you killed. These two I would say are up to the Player. I will list those two below, and provide some info on why I say to use these at your own risk.

High Tide – This is unlocked by collecting 10 Strange Fruit in one run. When equipped, it grants you a x0.15 point bonus, but makes each island half the normal size. This can be helpful in the sense that you won’t have to go out searching the islands for the mini-bosses when they spawn, and they will have other enemies close by a lot of the time, which makes it so a lot of your AOE attacks will chain to them. The down side is that the smaller islands give you less mobility, and when huge groups of enemies start spawning, they push each other closer to you. Here’s my guide to unlocking this!

Sign of Time – This is unlocked by killing 150 enemies in the first 60 seconds of a run. When equipped, it grants you a x0.15 point bonus, and makes the game twice as fast. This is helpful since it will cut down the time it takes to finish your run by half. The down side to this is definitely boss attacks. You get MUCH less time to respond to boss attacks, such as Zigrid’s meteors. These WILL one shot you after your run has gone on for a while if you aren’t careful! My guide to unlocking it is here:

Aside from Artifacts, once in-game, I would HIGHLY recommend trying to get Tree Hugger and, if luck is on your side, upgrading it to Tree Whisperer. The Arboreal Gifts you can get from standing near trees will help you keep upgrading your abilities, and that can be the difference in lasting long enough, or dying and having to retry. This ISN’T necessary, but again, as time goes by, the enemies get stronger. You WILL get overrun if you aren’t strong enough to hold them off.

My last suggestion is to have a pen and paper nearby and keep track of how many roulette wheels you have gotten throughout your run. Obviously, this is also NOT necessary, but there is no indicator of how many roulette wheels you have spun. Keeping track will allow you to know when it is safe to end your run. Or, just go for as long as you can and hope you got 50.

Once you have gotten 50 roulette wheels to pop up, and your run ends (either through dying, or just ending the run yourself in the Options), you will unlock the Achievement and Artifact at the game over stats screen!

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Goobies – Tips on how to unlock the Blob Roulette Achievement and Artifact!