GTA V Online – Casino Betting Strategy (Make Money Playing Roulette)

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Hey guys! Dave here with a video that’s a little outside of my usual scope. I saw that GTA finally opened the Casino and I decided to check it out. I spent some time searching for videos and to my surprise every single one of these is either a glitch or clickbait bs. I’ll be really frank with you, I’m a new channel, I’m 2 subs away from 100 and I have no reason to hold you hostage for the next ten minutes. Instead what I’ll be going over today is a method that is well known by people who play roulette and hopefully only take up a few minutes of your time. I’ll cover how the method works, where it fails, and some general strategies to keep you from losing any money in case you decide you want to speed things up.

First things first, this method is referred to as a Martingale which is essentially any betting system derived from 18th century France, but today most people just call it the Martingale Method when referring to Roulette. The concept is basic, you will start off by betting a fixed amount on either red or black, but you could do 1st 2nd or 3rd 12 although I don’t really recommend this.

Every time you lose you double your bet. So for example let’s say you bet 10 on red and lose, you’ll then bet 20 on red, and if you lose again you’ll bet 40 on red. Now let’s say you go up to 80 and hit while betting red adding up your total invested amount would be 150, but your payout would be 160 netting you plus 10.

Once you win, you go back to your initial bet and start the process over.

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GTA V Online – Casino Betting Strategy (Make Money Playing Roulette)

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  1. Good video , my previous strategy was to just keep betting the same amount on red each time , when it landed black 6 times in a row I had to stop XD

  2. I just play blackjack and go max bet if you know what your doing you win 80 percent of the time

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