How I Take Self Portraits📸 LOW BUDGET tips // Pinterest Roulette #3

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Today, we are playing Pinterest Roulette and I’ll be showing you how I take my self portraits alone at home with minimum equipment, on a low budget!
If you are new to my channel and don’t know what Pinterest Roulette is, it is basically a game a came up with, where I scroll thru Pinterest with my eyes closed and try to recreate anything I land on. Today we are looking at self portraits (personally my favourite type of content )

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0:00 Intro – Pinterest Roulette
0:37 Start of Pinterest Roulette!
0:55 How I Choose My Music on Track Club
1:38 Step 1 on Creating Self Portraits
2:15 Step 2: Lighting Setup
2:41 Step 3: Shoot
3:23 The Final Results !
3:45 Outro and Thank You!

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✿ Equipment I used in this video :
Camera : Sony A7iii
Lens: Sony 24mm f1.8
Lights: MX100 Pocket Light from Zhi Yun
Microphone : Trust Mic
Tripods – Rollee Small Portable Tripod From Amazon and the Manfrotto
Editing software: Davinci Resolve Studio 18:

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Love, Megan

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How I Take Self Portraits📸 LOW BUDGET tips // Pinterest Roulette #3

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  1. I dont know any more english words to say your work is amazing so I'll start commenting in portuguese ok?

  2. so good! I especially love the last 4 portraits. I just got the x100 as well, tho i couldn't afford the battery grip just yet😫

  3. Hi Megan, I've been watching your videos for a while now and I really really love your works! I'm a Malaysian based in Singapore, hopefully to have the chance to collab with you in future! Hit me up if you are visiting SIngapore! ❤

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