10 thoughts on “How To Win At Roulette Strategy 1: The Martingale (Low Limit) Betting System

  1. When you hit black on your first loss you should have doubled your bet but bet on black. Keeps you on the right side of streaks. It's nothing to see 9 of the same color in a row.

  2. LOL, Martingale will not work forever.  I have seen the same color 13 times in a row

    $2 = $3
    $4 = $7
    $8 = $15
    $16 = $31
    $32 = $63
    $4056 = $8121

    All over chasing $1 – seriously not worth it at all.

  3. How to beat Roulette: £100 on red, £100 on odd and £10 on 2, 14, 26, 38. Keep repeating.

  4. This technique does NOT work!  Please people don't waste your money.  I've seen same color come up 12 times in a row lol. 8-9 times is common to see, 10-12 times is not as common, but can happen.

  5. I do this, managed to turn 70 into 200 quid in a day! The issue is that sometimes you can hit loads of the same colour in a row and lose your pot when you hit the table limit. The way I get around this, when you start to feel as if you're being cheated, just change colour or go and bet on an ODD or EVEN. Mix it up, do red and black, odd and even, low and high numbers etc… Seems to be working for me anyway.

  6. Low limit is a waste of time with this strategy.  You need to bet larger to make your few hundred and get out fast.  The major issue with this Martingale is that it keeps you betting on the same color even if you lose, which means when the table goes on a cycle of blacks, and you are betting red, you just lose until you hit table limit and you're broke.  The key is to follow the table with your bets.  If it goes black, you bet black, if it goes red you bet red.  This capitalizes on the very frequent cycles the table will go on.  You will see this happen far more frequently then you will see a table go on a back and forth between red and black.  9 times out of 10 this strategy works.  But for the times it doesn't, you need a cap to prevent huge losses.  If you lose 4 straight bets, either wait 4 more more rolls to start betting again, or just walk away to another table.  The zeros are irrelevant, even though people seem to think this somehow affects the game.  A loss is a loss, it doesn't matter if you lost on zeros or a color.  If you lose on a zero, you double your bet on whatever the last color was to hit and you move on.

  7. This Martingale method is flawed. You can explore the average win on my spreadsheet http://bit.ly/1QKsrbR
    This method may work for a while, however when you lose, it is a
    spectacular loss. My algorithm factors in the maximum loss, the
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  8. next time try betting either even or odd instead of black or red,mainly because on the wheel the number patters are more random than the color patterns

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