MAGIC MIRROR (Part2)- Tutorial | New Roulette Strategy #Roulette #LiveDealers #Evolution

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Mirror Magic Roulette strategy is giving promising results. But, we need to understand that it is a game and we cannot win every time. The more we play, there are more chances for us to lose.

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⚔️ Please do not try this with real money. Practice it on free to play roulette games.

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Always play roulette with a strategy. Else you will lose everything. Practice it to master it. Don’t waste your money directly on a live casino.

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Bet Only What You Can Afford to Lose

– Nobody Wins ALL the Time
– Set a money limit in advance
– Take Breaks
– Never Chase Loses
– Bet Responsibly
– 18+ only

If you are ever having problems with gambling make sure you reach out and use the help available

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MAGIC MIRROR (Part2)- Tutorial | New Roulette Strategy  #Roulette #LiveDealers #Evolution

2 thoughts on “MAGIC MIRROR (Part2)- Tutorial | New Roulette Strategy #Roulette #LiveDealers #Evolution

  1. Sir very nice and congrats. Acchha engineering lagaaya hai aapne. This strategy many youtubers displayed on demo in many ways. But you got hold of catch : How to overome betting more than 18 nos. I have tried with 2.8k balance and immediately my bal was 3k. Then within 8 mins on auto-roulette, my bal went exactly 0. My unit bet was 10 rs. Unit bet went till 40 rs in 8 mins.
    Then on demo, i started exactly like yours and won someting many times and restarted. One point came when unit bet became 16 times and 18 nos were covered. This is the catch. Once I recovered in that also. But in one session, it went -3.84 lacs and now unit bet will continuously keep on increasing wih every spin as per strategy since now 18 nos are covered. I am sure in due course, you will overcome bankroll management catch too. Still I will say, your row and column strategy is better as roulette can be won only by dynamic bets. Bets based on pattern or any incremental bets are bound to lose at some point of time. I wish some good flat betting systems you will develop with time. Like this one till now in demo showing good results :

  2. Buddy what u think about betting on colors like one red thn one balck or one blck or one red ?
    Any thoughts on this one?

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