Risk Free Roulette Strategy – Zero Risk Roulette Strategy Simulation

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Risk-Free Roulette Strategy – Well, kind of!. You can use this to run a simulation of this strategy with zero risk. Download the dealer tracker spreadsheet here: https://roulettecalculators.com/forums/topic/23/risk-free-dealer-tracker-simulation-strategy/view/post_id/87

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Risk Free Roulette Strategy – Zero Risk Roulette Strategy Simulation

3 thoughts on “Risk Free Roulette Strategy – Zero Risk Roulette Strategy Simulation

  1. How can one dealer be more consistent than another dealer? Surely it's all random House where the ball lands every spin?

  2. With the numbers you're supposed to bet on changing each time that doesn't leave a lot of time to place those bets, surely human error of placing those individual bets each time and the lack of time to do so must make this extremely hard

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