3 thoughts on “Roulette as a Profession (actionable Tips!)

  1. you're actually very right about this …
    for me there were only two problems left I needed to fix
    1) the time issue
    2) sitting still for a very long time at the computer

    1) I don't know when I reach my daily goal, because it depends on how fast the table will perform hot, the hotness I need , it can take a few minutes, to HOURS
    so I simply don't play or don't start a session when I don't have the time
    2) I'm now walking/running in my room while I place the bets
    like this my neck won't hurt me anymore as much as it did before

  2. This is a ridiculous video. It has virtually nothing to do with roulette. This should have been titled "How to be a happy and successful traveling salesman."

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