Roulette: Chris Mitchel’s System is Garbage! Plus my New Strategy!

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Roulette: Chris Mitchel’s System is Garbage! Plus my New Strategy!

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Roulette: Chris Mitchel’s System is Garbage! Plus my New Strategy!

10 thoughts on “Roulette: Chris Mitchel’s System is Garbage! Plus my New Strategy!

  1. Hi Chris. Just thought I'd mention that the system you're using in this video has a name. It's called the "Paroli" system. There are several variations of it and also several YouTube videos on it. But they all have in common the system of increasing your bets only with the casino's money, aka your winnings.

  2. Makes no difference who spins the ball.its the same ball being thrown around the wheel.its just random where it stops.the ball don’t know who’s holding don’t be fooled.37 numbers it’s just gravity that makes it fall.

  3. Seems it will take forever to make decent money with this system. You win 1.50 every win, but lose 4 on loss

    Martingale can wipe you out with 5 or more losses, but both are risky

  4. Every system works till it doesnt work. Playing one system all the time will not work. You have to know at least 10 great bet placement systems with different money management systems. It takes experience, discipline, big bankroll, stop loss and knowledge of many systems.
    Watching CM has made me a better player. I may not agree on everything he says but he changed my gambling style to make me a better player and i win more often now. Keep practicing and use systems that fit your style of play. Some systems that CM has doesn't work well for me. I am not going to call him a scammer just because of a system that did not work well for me. I get ideas and create my own as well. 🙂

  5. Hey bud you sound a lot like me. I got lucky in December, my real first month of playing roulette because I’m a slot machine guy. I deposited a decent amount back in my bank account at the end of December, and I was using the Martingale strategy. The first and most important thing I learned was to play with a live dealer only. The computerized games went on some nasty streaks when I was playing red and black and no matter how long I hung on red black would come up then I just went red black red black and the game did the complete opposite. That was the last time I played one of the computer generating random number machines. I don’t have that problem anymore with a live dealer.
    I started off January doing well and then I ended up losing my winnings and bank roll because of Martingale. Of course I take the blame because I shouldn’t have just kept doubling till I use up my money.. I found a betting app for my iPad and used the Labouchere system on one of the 12 number sections. Doing well with that system as the progression is not as deep as Martingale. And even so you still have to have the point where you’re going to bail out and not keep the losing streak going. Once I get up above about a $30 bet I bail and just start over with a new round and it usually takes me winning maybe two times to win that money back. I also like doing small batch of only five dollars, two dollars on the first dozen and three dollars on the I think it’s 18 to 36. That one’s you one dollar. If I lose I will take that up to a $10 bet and then you win two dollars, win twice then go back down to your five dollar bet. If I can make anywhere from $25-$50 a night I’m happy. It adds up quick. One last thing is that I recently got some dealer tracking software and there’s also number tracking options in that software and it’s working pretty good. I think it gives me a slight advantage, not overwhelming but a slide advantage and everything helps. What’s the name of that casino you’re playing that’s the same one the goat plays. His videos are interesting but he usually breaks out of his systems when he’s not doing well and the bats go up like crazy seems like he gets frustrated easily.

  6. Now if you actually would’ve followed the Christopher Mitchell strategy you would’ve been up you played like 25 mins and profited close to nothing

  7. You never had big losing streaks while you was playing so if you would’ve martingale your bets you would’ve made good money

  8. martingale works but you can't just randomly double up and hope for the best .. it's better to calculate the next spin with probabilities …. go see how i bet, 20yrs trained croupier with the truth

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