Roulette Tips and Tricks

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This Video lets you know about things to avoid and ways to speed up and improve your online roulette excursions.

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Website address
0:27 – Online roulette
0:57 – Finding an online casino
1:45 – Deposit advice
1:53 – Finding a roulette table
2:29 – Best devices to use
2:46 – Use the race track
4:05 – Best devices continued
4:34 – Best way to use the app
5:21 – My home Computer setup
6:01 – Simple form
7:03 – Form with 1st croupier
13:13 – Form with 2nd croupier
15:13 – Form with 3rd croupier
16:49 – Form with 4th croupier
18:21 – Emphasis on filling in form
19:06 – Apology
19:21 – Farewell

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Roulette Tips and Tricks

10 thoughts on “Roulette Tips and Tricks

  1. I made a small mistake calculating croupier results in this video. The object here was to show you a live sessions without actually seeing the roulette table or croupier as it is against their terms and conditions. I am working on my next video about advanced Tips and Tricks. 😎

  2. Pls. Suggest online roulette for India…
    Some sites I know live but they give only 15 seconds, which is not possible to cover betting time..

  3. Roulette Guess. Do you know why the app do not work in Mexico? I tried to down load the app, but it says Is not available in your country. Is there other options to doanload?

  4. There are many people who record their sassion and posted in youtube, with no problems. you should upload one session that you do using your app.

  5. Hello, I took the guess roulette subscription for android mobile aplication and I am delighted with this purchase! Can I download guess roulette on my desktop PC? If so can you give me the download link as well as the instructions to follow. Thank you very much and great work.

  6. I found a pro and free emulator thanks to your search link that you gave me. I now have the application on my PC but I am asked for a 2nd subscription when I have already subscribed with my mobile phone. Can you do the necessary so that I do not pay twice for my subscription. Thank you

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