Sam D’s Roulette Strategy: Episode 5 How to win roulette

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Welcome to episode five of Sam Dees roulette strategy on how to win at roulette. To check out the tools used in this session and to join our free roulette social network check out:

Here are some useful links to help with your roulette gameplay, betting systems and roulette strategies.

The Area Key:
The area key is a great roulette utility that tracks whether or not a dealer favours one side of the table or the other side.

The dealer tracker:
The dealer tracker is an amazing roulette tracker that measures the distance from where the dealer spins the ball from, to where the ball lands, giving you full insight on how that particular dealer is performing!

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Please remember that online gambling should be considered entertainment. As much as it seems like a great idea to make a living from gambling, you must keep in mind that in the end the house always wins due to mathematics. All we can do is create strategies and betting systems that help put the odds back in our favour.

Please only ever gamble with funds you can afford to lose.

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to BET SMART!


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Sam D’s Roulette Strategy: Episode 5 How to win roulette

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  3. The worst BS. Of Roulette YouTuber is the amount of bankroll and high betting that normally peopleπŸ‘ cannot afford.. anyone. With bankroll of ,$__100 O00 can make a video and. Maske. Money. IπŸ‘ think. It is. Time that. Ethical rules. Should exist among YouTubers. Not To give false expectations and give advices. Based on bankroll of _100 or $200 or $300

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