Subscriber Says He Makes A Living Using This Roulette Strategy(Audio Fixed)

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How to win big money at the Casino playing Roulette with new strategies tested at 9am every day. Use Martingale, outside bets, straight up, streets, six lines, splits, with bankrolls to fit every budget. Subscribers are encouraged to share their ideas and The Roulette Master will share and test them in new videos. Messages are answered promptly and are encouraged. Please Subscribe!! Turn on notifications!! Share content!!

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Subscriber Says He Makes A Living Using This Roulette Strategy(Audio Fixed)

10 thoughts on “Subscriber Says He Makes A Living Using This Roulette Strategy(Audio Fixed)

  1. check this out. A way to use martingale but never get wiped out. I would try to explain it but it will sound confusing. Ok I will anyways so instead of chasing on a loss you create five or more games and treat each one separately. You keep track of each bets progression and rotate from game to game each bet. This helps with the variance in roulette helping to keep the bets down on a long losing streak.

  2. System worked well in testing I did have to martingale 8 times once I will keep testing. Ended up 200 units in profit in thirty minutes it’s not real money but still interesting. I would also like to test it with a safety progression 1,1,2,2,6,6,12,24,48 if it makes a profit over a half hour profit is profit and five times less the bankroll needed could be an edge

  3. You can never win the RNG soon finds out your system pattern and rolls numbers out to wipe you out that applies to any system , bookmakers and casinos are there to take all your money do you really think if there was a winning system out there the online casinos would let you make a living out of it i do not think so . I do not gamble at all anymore closed all my accounts you have no chance of winning long term whichever system you use . I can put money to better use than giving it to corrupt betting sites . I still enjoy watching your videos RM and will continue to do so keep up the good work .

  4. I have seen this a – b -a -a – b – b system work well without restarting at beginning of bet selection sequence after a win.
    Just continue with the sequence.

  5. Thanks for the video RM. You would need to play that system for more than eight hours to get an equal amount to your bankroll and even if you went bust at 8 hours, you would just break even. I could not see you going 8 hours without a streak going against you.

  6. Very good system but not Martingale. Try up 1 and down 1 you go to win with this system in a long run. If zerro cames with small bet go on with same bet next time, not inchrease yor bet. If you Come a little bit higher play on zerro so much as it give you back The last bet and go on with The same bet. My english is bad but i try.

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