10 thoughts on “Trying a new Roulette Strategy, is it worth it?

  1. thank god you upload daily. I cant go a day without watching one of your videos lol

  2. I’ve noticed a pattern in this game with the first spin most off the time it goes off even even odd

  3. Man love your videos and ways to make more chips etc but I can't help but notice that everything is clear in the background like the buildings etc. Mine are pretty jaggy looking but smooth at the table and was just wondering if yours is clear just at the table and the buildings over the water are jaggy at all? Or does it just look so clear as its a recorded video as you can up resolution etc. My specs are… gpu – msi 2080 super and cpu – i9 10900k & 16gb of ram so have the specs for the quest 2 but my distance is abit jaggy if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance bro keep up the good work 👍🏼

  4. I just bought my quest 2 and want to play pokerstar vr. I have really good wifi but when I try to play with my quest 2 standalone it struggles to get into the game, takes a very long time. when I enter the lobby there is an insane amount of lag. it's way too much to play with, if anyone can help me it would have been a big thank you. and yes, I have tried and reinstalled haha. I have of course also talked to support but they could not help me

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