Rainbow Riches Slot – High Roller £50 SPINS!!!

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This is the first time ever I have played just for the pots bonus on the £50 mega spins game. As you can see, this slot can get very costly so you need to big pot values to spin in when you eventually hit the bonus.
It looks like you have a 20% chance of hitting the bonus when playing at £50 per game, so it gets very costly very quickly. I changed after a while and played the Rainbow Riches slot for free spins and the Leprechauns bonus. This is a good slot but I will avoid playing £50 spins for the pots bonus in future.

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Rainbow Riches Slot  – High Roller £50 SPINS!!!

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Riches Slot – High Roller £50 SPINS!!!

  1. FOBT-its the best way to empty life,and u allways skint,stop it ,before its too late bruv:-(

  2. Thanks for playing these so I don't have to, I am sure you have too much dosh and are probably just bored, or at least i hope so.

  3. I was lucky on this game yesterday, put £20 in, done about 9 spins and got three pots….got the £500👍… quickest collect i have ever done 👍👍

  4. why does he choose road to riches and not pots to win more regularly? road to riches is crap… pots is often jackpot, i dont get it

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