7 Ranges All LIVE POKER PLAYERS Need To Use

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Get every open-raising range for live #poker according to the GTO solver. This video reviews each GTO-approved preflop opening range, from a tight 9% UTG range to a 44% SB stealing range. No available solve currently allows for 2 preflop callers in a live cash game, but this solve does and the live poker ranges as a result are all the better for it!

0:00 Good Morning
0:44 Live GTO Preflop Ranges
3:29 UTG Raising Range
8:39 MP Raising Range
9:26 LJ Raising Range
10:47 HJ Raising Range
12:29 CO Raising Range
17:21 Button Raising Range
19:29 SB Raising Range
21:24 Download These Ranges Now


· GTO vs Exploitative Ranges: https://youtu.be/B3fXlLLbabs
· Exploitative FR Ranges: https://youtu.be/hB8UxGYoddQ

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7 Ranges All LIVE POKER PLAYERS Need To Use

10 thoughts on “7 Ranges All LIVE POKER PLAYERS Need To Use

  1. Download The GTO Ranges App and get all of these ranges for free: https://redchippoker.com/gto-ranges-app (or unlock the app and get 100% of the ranges including preflop calls, 3-bets, squeezes, 4-bets, and more!)

  2. These ranges are significantly tighter than anything I have ever seen, in some cases 3 or 4 PIPs tighter, especially with the button RFI. I guess the thing to remember is GTO is a baseline that you use to help you figure out what your opponents are doing incorrectly

  3. Why can’t we at least have some kind of a +ev open raising range guide for the big blind when other positions have limped in (considering it will be out of position post flop) vs being in position when the small blind has limped? Sure, the top of range hands are no brainer’s, but for the less intuitive combos)? ie: “All combos check their option, but these combos will show a profit over the long run when raised from the big blind)” type thing.

    Also, I’ve noticed a lot of high stakes players having discussions recently about having a limping strategy that has +ev connotations (mostly in tournaments) so my question is this…

    For all hands outside of the bottom distribution of the RFI opening ranges for each position, can any of them be put into a limping range (either behind 2 or more limpers, or button vs blinds seeing they will have a positional advantage post flop and a pocket pair like 5’s should be ahead of a random distribution in the blinds) and is there any merit to an open limping strategy (designed to limp/call) vs earlier positions such as the blinds?

    Like in situations such as set mining with direct or even implied odds vs opens on the small side when calling closes the action, etc?

    Are these ideas too unconventional to explore, or should I just robotically do what I’m told and let others do the experimenting trailblazing of new concepts on poker theory for me? (Sounds sarcastic but I’m being serious)

  4. i tried this at Orange city poker fl. it does not work all to well. Ppl just go ahead and bet anyway and usually win on the river its like playing 3/6 limit. plus most people donot even play the right way. I think this will work in a tournament style of playing not really in a cash game.. Also, everyone who post there live hand on youtube always show winning hands. would love to see losing hands more often just to show how you can fight your way back.

  5. This is incredible, James! It would be great if you could research a strategy that includes open limping as well, and it would also be great to solve for different open sizings like 3bb, which would probably be wider, and compare 4bb vs. 3bb strategies for which is higher EV overall.

  6. Do you have any videos with live games that have a 5X BB for UTG & Button Straddles?

  7. Cool video, especially for a long time online player with little live experience. Few questions:

    1) Do you recommend simply using the 4x open sizing in live play? (seems very unusual to me) if so, why?

    2) What would the most important exploits be from various positions in typical mistakes live games? Again, as a primarily online player, many of these ranges look very different from, say, those found in Acevedo‘s modern theory book. Do you have any vids on how best to deviate exploitatively in various live games?

    3) Do you recommend agreeing to chop generally, if most players in certain games generally do? If you decide to not chop, do you like the sb solution here, as opposed to a strategy with lots of sb limps (which, again, seems to be the gto trend amongst good players online)?

    Appreciate the vids, solves and most of all your insight!

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