Can This Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

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In this video we compare the analysis of Daniel Negreanu and a solver for a few hands played by Daniel in the early stages of the WSOP $25k Super High Roller Championship. Can an old school player hang with the best modern players by learning GTO?

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Can This Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

10 thoughts on “Can This Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

  1. DN is getting pretty close to beast mode at this point. It's impressive how he has adapted over the years while the other LOL live pros faded away or turned into cartoon characters.

  2. wow im surprised. how did he lost to hellmuth in HU? He seems a lot more aware of whats going on lol

  3. in the last hand, are the only 4 betting hands AA and KK? I only saw the purplish 3B calling range, but curious if GTO allows AKs or AQs to 4 bet at a decent frequency. From the exploitive side, as Daniel noted his opponent was 3Betting a high frequency, so certainly possible to mix in a 4-bet once in a while.

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