Cheating at Cards : COLD Stacking Tutorial

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Cold Stacking is the process of locating high value cards and then positioning them in locations so that they will be dealt to you. It is one of the most effective methods for cheating at card games and can be done without and preparation or heat.

Deck Used
Bee Stingers
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Cheating at Cards : COLD Stacking Tutorial

10 thoughts on “Cheating at Cards : COLD Stacking Tutorial

  1. This is why you have to always ask the person to your right to cut

  2. Yer well I got to 7:46 and realised…….this isn’t for me 😳
    Pretty cool though man👌

  3. The backman is always cutting out of the middle of the deck where im from. We refer to a cold deck when we shuffle the deck and when they cut we switch decks when you pick up the cards.

  4. Don't out your keys there, people can reverse engineer the key shape through image manipulation

  5. The only issue that I have about this video is that you need to cut the deck before dealing so How do you keep them up top

  6. Ты прежде чем учить людей , сам научись делать стэкинги

  7. 52Kards

    How can "stacking the deck" occur at a casino when a member of staff is mixing the cards by swirling them on the table?

  8. i play with 7 others so itd be hard for me to stack lmao

    one card stack would be easy (ish), but two is wayy too hard

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