ClubWPT: Poker Learning Part 1

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This is the first video of my 3rd video series. This series is about ClubWPT, a completely legal and sanctioned, subscription-based poker site that offers real money and prizes.

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ClubWPT: Poker Learning Part 1

10 thoughts on “ClubWPT: Poker Learning Part 1

  1. I play on onlinebet. its been pretty good. you can depost funds. check it out. its not bad. any question shoot me a message. Just for thought and Yes, I hate WPT site.

  2. sit and goes are my favorite, you can start with a no deposit bonus to reduce your risk. you can get 5 pounds to start playing here POK22.COM

    We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don't care for.

  3. I signed for a free membership today. Apparently a player can become a VIP player whenever he wants to. I have been playing No-limit Texas holdem for years now but what I need is the basic instructions starting from when you first join and then…how do you proceed to enter a game? Your video is useless for anyone not familiar with this site.

  4. Very unrealistic poker software. Unrealistic play from the players. Quite honestly I would NEVER recommend this site to anyone. If anything I would recommend staying away. It will change your game in live action tournaments if not careful. It would honestly take a good explanation to me on if we are playing bots mostly and just some real people. The system is very rigged and seems predetermined no matter how one plays. I just love those beats when your heads up all in preflop and you hold the lead and suddenly experience a pause in the game right before the river and then the 1 outter card to beats you hits. Lol. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED BY ME

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