10 thoughts on “Funniest Thing Yet #poker #pokerstars #texasholdem

  1. Didn’t just muck his cards when he thought he missed. I’m suspicious. Unless he’s normally an Omaha player then ok cool 😂

  2. The crucial factor is there’s no dead money in the pot after the call. Straight up coin flip play when you factor that his range can be ahead (villain raised) with pairs, or behind with random hands. You’re not ahead by much.
    After 1000 clashes when you go all in with AK you’ll break even. The actual profit would have come at the expense of the other players when they folded.
    It’s not a losing play since if you steal his $35 you gain. And if you look at it that way then ok go for it. Run it 100 times if you get 30 steals , 35 wins, 35 losses.
    Steals 30x$35= $1050
    Wins/losses cancel out. = 0
    +EV $10.50

    With 40 steals: +EV $14
    5O steals +EV $17.5
    70 steals! +EV $24.50

    So even at 70% a steal rate you’ll make $24.5O for the $200 risk you took. Not bad… but that’s a pretty high steal rate.

  3. I had a guy shoving 72o against me 1st hand in a sunday million. Had aces and lost to two-pair. Either drunk or ps bot. Poker is a lot of fun lol

  4. I like how the drunk guy made a dick out of his chip stack to call the all in

  5. I won't believe what happens next?? I'm supposed to be shocked by AK not holding up against 2 live cards?? It's not that big of a deal. People vastly over value AK.

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