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Here is my second poker vlog at Fortune Poker! I had a really great session with some fun hands. Thank you guys so much for the awesome feedback on the first video. I made this second one as fast as I could and I hope you all enjoy it!

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  1. Everyone in these comments is giving you poker advice but I don't know how to play poker well. Instead I'll leave you with this. I like your new haircut.

  2. Thoughts on the 78s hand. 1) that UTG player is really bad… try and play as many hands as you can with him. A5o is a super bad hand especially to raise with UTG. He played that super poorly IMO. Reason being, when you bet you always want to get called by worse and fold out better, but with such a weak ace you're only going to get called by draws, 2 pairs and bigger aces. As for how you played it I think that pre-flop this is probably a 3bet or fold. Reason being its obviously a very nice combo draw hand, but you're out of position and its very difficult to realize your equity out of the SB. I also think the turn is a pretty standard check raise spot. Especially knowing what he had, that turn is very bad since you have a lot of very plausible 2pairs and strong draws. Idk how sticky this player is but the 6 is a very good card to bluff on. The way it played its pretty likely he has some random Ax holding and its pretty possible for you to have 56s, 67s, etc. Its a story that make sense since on the flop the only thing he's getting value from are random 8/6x's so it puts him in a pretty rough spot since the only thing he beats is 8x with bricked draws.

  3. I have no idea what's happening but this is interesting and entertaining to watch lmao

  4. Hey man from WA myself i play up at Red Dragon in Mountlake Terrace! You should come by and play lots of action

  5. jesus, you play just like all the other 1/2 players.. lol you might still have an edge though, but I would just work on your game as much as you can. gl w the chan and vids

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