GTO+ and FlopzillaPro

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Release video for GTO+ v120, as well as the first beta for FlopzillaPro.

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GTO+ and FlopzillaPro

10 thoughts on “GTO+ and FlopzillaPro

  1. whats make GTO+ different then all the other solvers? like Pio Solver – Simple Poker – MonkierSolver and others beside the price

  2. My copy of GTO+ no longer has the ability to connect to flopzillapro or play against the solution. Does anyone have any idea why this may be?

  3. finally I got the most important detail to study poker according my thinking. so we can pick every day some hard spots where we play not so good and improve day by day,…… thanks Scylla for this very good update

  4. hi i recently buy the program and i cant find how to put 3bets pots, and how to use the advance tab to build a tree i need with urgency the answer thanks!

  5. i whant to buy a solver that do the same thinks like piosolver and simplepostflop. The GTO+ do the same things? and the things that flopzilla do are not in the gto+, because i think that are in pio and simple. i realy dont understand the diferences betwen gto + or pio for example and flopzilla and cardrunners EV and what they made for.

  6. Can I choose if I gonna use gto+ with CREV or with FLOPZILLA? I don't get it. If I wanna buy gto+ should I buy one of them too?

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