10 thoughts on “Hand Ranges / Hand Reading in Poker

  1. You count "20 hands"… SURELY i(at this point) it's about combos, and not just hands… How many COMBOS???

  2. people crack me up by critiquing this guys explanation about the general idea of hand ranges and narrowing down… its a simple example of the idea behind it written with paint lol… but trapping kings is not the way to go gotta build that pot hombres

  3. if i raised with king and got called and a king hits im not checking, because all your opponent will do is check back. the goal is to get more money or get him to fold. im not giving him a free card he will have to pay so the video author is core ct in taking kings out the range. the example was more for explainable purpose

  4. Its a value bet, or semi bluff with QQ to see where he is, you can play the hand perfectly, then pull on the river. GG.

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