How to be PATIENT at the Poker Table | Learn with Lex Episode 4

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We got some crazy action this week on Bounty Builder tournaments. Check out some of the best moments that taught me some patience. Subscribe to my channel for more videos:

Learn with Lex is the perfect fit for beginners in poker. Are you curious about the game and want to learn more about how to play it? In Learn with Lex, we will dive into the basics of poker and how to understand it! Watch and learn to become better in the game!

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On my channel, you can expect all of my biggest scores and best runs, poker and stream highlights, and competitions. Next to that, I invest $100,000 per month of my own money in tournament buy-ins.

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How to be PATIENT at the Poker Table | Learn with Lex Episode 4

10 thoughts on “How to be PATIENT at the Poker Table | Learn with Lex Episode 4

  1. Hey man, been watching the streams (all 4 so far) and watching the segments of Learn w Lex during the short breaks, but this was my first watch of a whole video. Some of it basic to me (at my level), much of it a deeper dive into analysis of other's holdings, betting strategy which is already helpful. This was great stuff man. GL at the tables, mate.

  2. I love this series even though I paused to play online poker for a year.
    Lex if you reading this, please try out to Vlog your day or live tournament, I think it would also be very interesting.
    Thanks for the great content! 🙂

  3. Me taking notes 🤓: "Shoving for maximum pressure on the short stacks, this guy only has 8bb"

    5 Second Later: "In a regular tournament I would never do this"

    Had me laughing

    Some great content, love the personality put into it

  4. Apart from being an incredible & hard working (12 hr stream…I was tired) poker PLAYER you have an ability to teach …well done…

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