How To Deal Cards Like a Professional Dealer | Tutorial

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Have you ever seen the way that professional dealers deal cards to players across the table from them? This is a dealing technique known as “sailing cards” and allows you to deal cards long distances and with accuracy.

It’s a useful card skill to learn if you enjoy playing card games and also if you’re interested in learning false dealing techniques. If you want to be able to do second deals or bottoms deals, then often times you will do these deals while sailing the cards to someone sitting across the table from you in the context of a magic trick or gambling routine.

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How To Deal Cards Like a Professional Dealer | Tutorial

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  1. Great tutorial. I have a similar video, and I teach this plus a second method too! This one works great for sure.

  2. can someone tell me why i have ALWAYS starting dealing from the bottom, everytime i try to deal from the top it just doesn’t feel right

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  4. There is a lot of bad information here about pitching….. if you are going to "teach" people you need to know proper techniques.

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