How to host POKER NIGHT the RIGHT WAY!!

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This video is specifically describing necessities that you might need for hosting your own poker night! I am by know means trying to describe how to play Texas holdem. This is our weekly poker night set up and this merely for poker enthusiasts like myself. Hope you enjoyed!

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Poker Table: Barrington 10-Player Poker Table

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How to host POKER NIGHT the RIGHT WAY!!

10 thoughts on “How to host POKER NIGHT the RIGHT WAY!!

  1. Planning on doing gang out poker game at one of the places in my town with some friends thanks for the feedback I'd love to see you record some of your games or do some more vids in the future

  2. Id recommend getting a table from, i would get custom chips through apache poker chips (for real casino feel you need 8-10gram weight), i suggest having nice chairs (10 of them), you also will want to pickup some COPAG playing cards (these are casino grade and do not wear). After you have all of this i would suggest finding someone that knows how to deal 20-25 hands an hour. If you are playing tourneys/SNGs you will want to get an app that keeps track of blind levels, buyins, etc. If you are playing cash games (ex 1/2 or 2/5) you will want a small safe near by to keep all of the players cash buyins in. All of this combined will give you the best quality home game

  3. GameCrook is the only legit way to get gems, coins, points or any other in-game currency for free. I've tried all others, but no luck.

  4. Anybody here used Gamecrook, I've got a friend that used it and he got so many free coins and gems.

  5. Buy plastic card decks. Much more durable than paper, don't warp or wear like paper does. And are waterproof. Buy some Copags on Amazon. The WSOP decks are some of the cheaper Copags, and are all bridge sized and standard pips.

    You'll never go back to paper. Plastics decks are more expensive but last much longer which saves you money in the long run.

  6. Hey bro I wouldn’t recommend getting a standard deck of paper cards… I’d recommend “bicycle prestige plastic playing cards”. I’ve played hundreds of games with them and they haven’t worn much. They’re super durable. I understand it’s a little pricy for cards but it’s worth it

  7. Grab yourself a couple decks of Copag or Faded spades playing cards either poker size or bridge

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