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In this poker tutorial learn how to play aces!
Walk through hand analysis – Sorel Mizzi v Freddy Deeb

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HOW TO PLAY ACES | Poker Tutorial | partypoker

7 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY ACES | Poker Tutorial | partypoker

  1. Deeb is a high ranked professional player(so is Sorel). The quick call on the flop normally means drawing hand and not a pair! Deeb’s instant call was a trap and looked like a drawing hand. On the turn obviously he had top pair and nut strait draw (or second nut draw) too.
    River? Disaster.
    Thin value bet? Yes, call

  2. Pot controlling and checking the turn when a bad card like a 10 comes is completely fine. Depends on your opponent. And if you’re always betting 3 streets with overpairs you’re giving opponents great implied odds to see flops and bust you when they hit 2 pair+.

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